Financial Management Services


Who is this Service For?

These services are for the individual who wants to develop and grow a business. The guy who wants to do better.

It’s not for the guy who slings a tool box around and is happy with how things are going and who isn’t concerned about growth.


To Survive:

1. You must be able to deliver whatever you are selling.
2. Have a system for organizing and delivering your work.
3. Collect.
4. Be able to communicate well
5. Develop a balance between personal and business life.

May I suggest you read and apply Problems of Work and The Way to Happiness. Two excellent reads.

the-problems-of-work-audiobookProblems of Work
My all time favourite book I discovered in the early 1970s. I saw its value in directing people and surviving holding down a job directing a credit department staff of five on a part time schedule and earning my diploma in Management Administration.

“Read Problems of Work and learn how you can challenge the work environment on your terms and win big” Audio book $41.50 tax in or
Paperback $36.25.


twthToday is full of traps and temptations for the self employed. I found the precepts found in Way to Happiness an excellent rudder to steer one’s life along. You can purchase a DVD and book for $43.40 or call and ask me to send you a pamphlet for free.




We have access to mini courses:

financeClinicThere is an ideal way to introduce  some valuable management tools quickly and effectively.  In an afternoon you can do one of these:

  • Effective communication
  • Flourish and Prosper, the ultimate weapon
  • How to survive in any economy
  • Achieve your goals using stats
  • How to build a productive team
  • The natural law of personal success
  • How to successfully organize anything

Coined by us as the ‘Business Survival Series’, you can come in, work through the step by step workbook; take away an assignment to do at home.  On your return we review it with you to assure you can use the tool.  For maximum effectiveness they should be done in a series.

The material prepared by Hubbard College International based in Los Angeles, California comes with a satisfaction guaranteed; It either works for you or money refunded.

Our preference is to deliver in small groups, both in house or at client’s place of business.

Hubbard College offers other workshops and in depth courses covering management, marketing, communication and business ethics. A complete list is available upon request.

Management Training

For someone starting out in business my first impulse is to suggest setting up a set of books and records. As an accountant I think with numbers. You and most of my clients do not. The law says you must maintain an adequate set of books and records.

Many of my clients manage just fine through the year, coming to us on a quarterly or annual basis, for us to write up needed books and file their tax returns. I recommend quarterly for GST and WCB filing and for a conversation on how well you are doing. Look at my suggestions under accounting or drop in.

I have written an number of articles you might enjoy.


Success Revisited


Those Seeking Grow an Existing Business

I do consultations.

May I Suggest coaching in:

  1. Business Organization
  2. Ethics and Conditions
  3. Targets and Goals
  4. Communication