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May 2016

We have recently rearranged our offices to accommodate a Wednesday night drop in 7.00 to 9.00 PM. Free, no obligation. Phone 604-437-1978 first.

January 2014

Have pencil will travel!

Today I am off to see some special people in the North. I visit a ready mix plant, a concrete finisher and trucking/road builder company – one of my favorite trips. I do not head out to clients as much anymore. I would love to though, a few years ago I purchased a large trailer so I could go into places, do the work in remote sites and work independently of my client so as not to impose on their daily routines. Today my clients fly me in, I do my work in a few days and I am gone.

Revisiting a dream

We have been in contact with the Hubbard College of Administration over the last few months. Recently I spotted some exciting titles. One is a actual marketing course I hope to do myself, the other a book and tape combination on Emotions and how to use this knowledge in successfully recruiting quality employees. The plan has always been to have reference material and a space available to clients for study and consultation. .

Stephen is getting ready to do taxes for people

Soon I will have a young associate to deliver tax returns of a less complex nature. I will continue to do the more complex return. We have a major campaign planned to launch Steve into the market place doing e-file returns along with helping me deliver to small business. Bring your sons and daughters returns. . .



I am very excited about new applications of an old/new technology. Old that it has been around, available for quite a long time. New in that recently we commenced installing it onto client’s computers. We now have the ability to service even our most distant clients with quality assurance of the integrity of their bookkeeping and provide financial accounting insight directly to the owner without the challenges of travel, parking and waiting to se us at an appointment.

It is a bit like going to the doctor without having to go to the doctor.  Here is how it works. We can dial into your computer over the internet, make adjustments and report.

This is a fairly common practice with computer service technologists to clients. Now your accountant can review and adjust your accounting records from the comfort of his own office and your expense of flying him in for him to do his work.

We are encouraging the owner of his business to use this tool in managing his business.

He writes his invoice to his customer using the computer prints and posts it himself.

When writing up his bank deposit he posts the payment himself. When writing a cheque payment from home he uses a preprinted cheque supplied with his computer program and records it.

In this era of minimizing costs and wasted motion to maximize income we now have several clients moving to this form of hands on management. The allocation of income and costs has been recorded by the person whom knows best, the creator of both.

What is needed to make this work you ask: an internet connection, an all in one printer preferably with a fax connection, an accounting program supplied from either of the major suppliers and an owner manager whom wants to same time and money.

We enter the scene at month end. We receive a copy of the credit bank statement, a list of cash paid outs if any along with the bank statement and cancelled cheques. We dial into the client s computer at a mutually convenient time, reconcile the bank, make adjustments and print reports right on the clients computer in the safety and security of his office. At an appointed time we have a business meeting with the client, no driving, no parking, and no waiting in a waiting room at your convenience.

My favourite remains the one on one meeting, eye ball to eyeball and I travel all over the province doing them but this is the best alternate. Quality records, entered by quality people, reviewed and interpreted by quality people, delivered at a convenient moment.

June 2013

A few weeks ago I was on my may to see a client. They have been experiencing diminishing sales for several years.  I thought of the three kinds of manager/ person – those that cause things, those that know what happened and those that wonder what happened. I spoke to him about promotion, applying conditions, EMERGENCY to reorganize and get better known.

August 2013

I want to acknowledge Archie Gordin for his application of Emergency. When he realized work was drying up he quickly telephoned people he knew in the industry and  booked himself  into a home show. As a result he picked up so many sales leads he was giving some away this spring.

NEW STAFF: We are very pleased to announce that Jennifer Xue has joined our staff. We can now deliver our services in Mandarin.

August 2010

Tom has acquired more Bookkeepers to assist our clients.

July 2010

We’ve updated our website to make it easier to navigate for our clients.

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