by Tom on January 23, 2014

Where does it come from?

Perhaps from missing the signs that the there has been a change in the business climate. For example, the construction industry slows down.
One day you are working and there is lots of work, the next there is none. Soon this is followed by no money.

The world changed but you did not change nor innovate. The other factor is habits, we all have them but can you or did you change them? We continue on the same path after the rewards have stopped then slowly or quickly you get disillusioned, dismayed and frustrated.

So what do you do?

Immediately get busy:

  1. Clean and reorganize the work space. For me it was clean up the office.
  2. Update and repair your tools. I had my computers serviced.
  3. Purchase the supplies you will need. For me paper, toner and envelopes.

I found this fairly therapeutic. Now you are ready to go back to work but you just need work!

Finding work:

  1. What work have you done? Where did you work?
  2. Who do you know? Ask for help.
  3. Ask yourself what can I do in exchange for money?
  4. Ask people to give you work.

For me an apt saying comes to mind ‘pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again’.

I think these are the two steps from this 1936 Classic…


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