by Tom on February 14, 2013

What does it take to get there?

Probably a little more than good looks and good luck is needed.

What is it?

Some say money, power. Personally I think it is balance.

The more I think about it the more I believe it has to do with beingness.

I think you have to like people.


To that end you first need to know your tools. Get your training.
If that means an apprenticeship, do it. Learn from others. If entering the business world a general course on business could give you insight about the pitfalls you may encounter.

I think you need balance. Some of us have that natural balance that comes from family and church as we grew up. Us others need to obtain it. May I suggest “ The Way to Happiness” by L Ron Hubbard as a great source. Call me. I will send you a copy.

Recently I watched a video called “ The Problems of Work.” I think personally it is a great investment for $25.00. In two hours you get what it took me several days of reading. A reading I enjoyed immensely that probably helped launch my career; I could not put it down and raved about it. The concepts of ARC, affinity-reality-communication, and the Emotional Tone Scale are invaluable in providing insight into WORK and living.

My training consistently suggests keeping track of income and expense data. If you ever need to borrow, it will be the first question a financial institution will ask for – books.
In the last two weeks this issue has come up twice with clients. A bankers first line of defense is to request a business plan and financial statements when you come knocking.

While I digress, may I also suggest a line of credit attached to real estate and enforced savings where a comfortable amount disappears into a savings account by automatic debit monthly. Tangerine has a good program. The governments “Tax-free Savings Account”
If you have both you may never have to go cap in hand to a banker and hear, “No.”

I acquired a book lately on selling. It comes with a companion work book. “Successful Selling” – Hubbard College of Administration.

Lastly, association: the proverbial old boys club. In business it is who you know. The use of the recommended tools I suggest, moving forward with living enjoying the fruits of a good job and happy family along with participation in a Service Club, kids’ sports or community should set you on the path to my definition of success.

A balance between being busy in ones career and earning an adequate income to meet ones obligations to family with enough opportunity to enjoy ones family and friends.


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