The Importance of Communication

by Tom on January 4, 2013

I cannot stress enough the importance of gaining and retaining the ability to communicate. I recall a famous man saying, “ When in doubt communicate.”

Both in the written word and spoken word your success depends on it. I probably would not survived the various challenges in my professional career without this skill with the belief it is the universal solvent to solving ones problems and creating ones opportunities.

Many years ago, while a student, I met up with a group who convinced me to take a course in communication. It was life changing, I learned to look people in the eye and express what I wanted.

I find myself having difficulty expressing the importance of communication as it is such a part of me. Believe me, I have self doubts too and at times would rather turn away than muster the courage to speak up. You simply have to take yourself for a walk or some other distraction to get your courage up. Maybe it takes a couple of days. You finally reach out and to your surprise you find a way to express yourself. You surprise yourself with the words that come out of your mouth. The universal solvent, communication, worked.

Just where does one start all this? Perhaps not in the rigorous method I chose.

I think it starts with reading a book like “The Problems of Work” which is now on CD. You can look in the library for it but if you cannot find it, call me and I will arrange to get you a copy. The book, only 125 pages comes with a great glossary of well defined words. Read and use the tips to improve your work environment.

Dissect, argue with, deny, test drive and eventually duplicate what the author is telling you about communication. It is good information. When you are ready, drop in to see me for a demonstration. I would love to show you the communication drills.

Do you need to sell something? Selling is the art of having some one recognize a need for a good or service and hopefully buying it from you.

Successful Selling is an excellent book using principles of communication; it comes with a self study work book.

Each time I look at various books I want to recommend to you I find myself thinking about communication skills and an ethic “cleans hands equals a happy life”

Be in communication with you business. “Clean hands”, to me, is having your paperwork in order. Put your agreements in writing and live up to them. Never having to look back, your focus is on your future.

Communication is defined as sending a particle (idea) across a distance so as to have the recipient (other person) receives and duplicate your idea. (Paraphrased by me).

Happy communicating!

Tom Jarrold
Certified Management Accountant

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