by Tom on August 13, 2012

To me, financial success depends on three things:

  1. Knowing where you are.
  2. Knowing where you have been.
  3. An idea or Knowing where you are going.

Having said that, never loose focus on the two most important things in life, your health and your family. Without them there is no happiness and financial success will not buy them.

As an accountant by education and vocation I always stress having adequate books and records.


We as humans are also creatures of habit. We have all created the present we are in. There is value on being able to look back on our moments of brilliance and disaster, contemplate how we got there to see how we can re-experience that boom time and not the bust again. When counseling persons, particularly those who run afoul of our tax system, I find they do not know what happened. They have inadequate or no records. When we walk them back through the past in preparing their tax returns, there is a resurgence in their financial success.


We have unburdened their past.

It takes little work to have adequate records:

  1. A big brown envelope to put your receipts in (email me and I will send you one for free!).
  2. An invoice book to record what you sold.
  3. A quotation book to record what you agreed to do.
  4. An accurate cheque book, which includes cancelled cheques.
  5. A bank statement.

With these you can perhaps cajole a willing spouse to sort the receipts for you, prepare your books or take this package to some one like me – an accountant.

“Knowing Where You Are” sometimes it starts with knowing that you are. Years ago a very astute fellow, well steeped in Scientology Ethics, took me aside and probably saved my life. I was on the brink of disaster and he proved to me that something can be done about it. Without getting entangled in anyone’s considerations or beliefs, let me tell you about conditions for living. You, if you choose to look, are always in a condition. Sit down a moment and take a look around. There is real value in the promoted practice of:

  • Taking a day off for ones self.
  • Taking a  family day – starting with the evening before to take that special someone out for the evening to say, “Thank you for putting up with me all week!”
  •  Time to mend or build fences and report progress on your dreams.
  • A search of that special someone whom, if you are so lucky and humble, will sleep in your bed and wash your socks.

Now take a look. Do you have:

  • Money in the bank or prospect of some coming in soon?
  • Are your possessions in good shape?
  • Is the family still talking to you?
  • Are your payments up to date?
  • Did you sort your receipts and take them to the accountant?
  • Do you have a job to go to on Monday or a prospect for one?
  • How is your health?

Honest answers to each of these will tell you if you are in danger, have an emergency situation to deal with, all is in normal (relax, you lucky devil) or maybe a trending affluence. Pay attention to this one, affluence – keep going and enjoy the ride. There are easily learned formulas for living – steps that can be taken to improve one’s condition.

I have used these formulas, since learning them from that astute fellow twenty six years ago, and have enjoyed personal success. If you email me,  I could arrange to get you a booklet, at  a very modest cost, or direct you to where you can learn them in a classroom.

“Knowing Where You are Going” comes from knowing where you have been, taking stock – honestly, knowing where you are and then writing up a to do list. This is not a pie in the sky thing, this is:

  • Go apologize to your wife and make amends.
  • Telephone the potential next job first thing Monday.
  • Go get the car fixed if you have the money.

This little booklet has formulas in it that works when correctly applied. For now a good start is the “To Do List”.  The the tough part is doing the list. Put a check mark beside each item when:

  • You got up early Monday morning and you are refreshed from your day off.
  • Your wife has forgiven you and is washing your socks.
  • The kids have agreed to go back to school.
  • There is no sign of the bailiff, so get going!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it and provoking you to succeed.

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