Transparency in Business

by Tom on July 5, 2012

Transparency in your business dealings is the best policy. If your give someone an offer to do business write it down, give him a copy. If you change your agreement write it down as a change order; quote the extra mount it will cost.

Recently a client came to me complaining about loos revenue, having to chase back and forth limiting his ability to do other work. Fortunately the original written agreement resulted in payment.

Expect to be paid to meet and make change orders.

The unscrupulous prey on businesses that have sloppy paperwork. Deal with people in an honest open manner, if the deal is too good to be true it probably is.

Follow through with the invioce, bill the tax or if it is included say so. The easiet way to record the sale is deposit the payment in full. A good rule is all monies received are banked.

When purchasing pay cheque if you can, mark the invioce paid by # xx.xx. If paying by credit card attach the cc card slip.

Save your receipts, sort them out and pay yourself back.

If you do that every month you have a package you can take to some one to do you taxes or bookkeeping for you.

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